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Grand Prize

GOLD – “Distant Sorrow” – Sasha Delgadillo – 8th Grade, MLK Jr. Middle

SILVER – “Reflections” – Verma Nehal – 7th Grade, MLK Jr. Middle

BRONZE – “Folklorico” – Beatriz Ayon Tapia – 11th Grade


1st place – Karicia Lopez, Burbank Elementary, “My Family”

2nd place – Rhianna Godoy Espino, Park Elementary, “Imagen Latina”

1st Grade

1st place – Poppy Nielsen, Eden Gardens Elementary, “Pop Art “Zero”

2nd place– Alyssa Terlizzi, Faith Ringgold, “Among Us”

2nd Grade

1st place – Adrian Flores Trevino, Park Elementary, “Adrian Flores’ Masterpiece”

3rd Grade

1st place – Diego Malagon, Eldridge Elementary, ”Patterns”

2nd place – Govanni Baez, Treeview Elementary, “Friends come in all shapes and sizes”

3rd place – Abigail Mungai, Eldridge Elementary, “A bowl of fruits”

4th Grade

1st place – Julian Nielsen, Eden Gardens Elementary, “Dragon’s Bane”

2nd place – Carmen Jareli Camarillo Rodriguez, Tyrell Elementary, “Cobra Reptile”

3rd place – Isabella Torres, Park Elementary, “Comic”

5th Grade

1st place – Jeremy Gonzales, Burbank Elementary, “Fight the virus”

2nd place – Makayla Perkins, Park Elementary, “Power”

3rd place– Angelina Contrera, Burbank Elementary, “ 4 faces of Robin”

6th Grade

1st place – Sherlyn Aguilar Perez, Ruus Elementary, ”Stray Kids Bias”

2nd place – Melissa Torres, Park Elementary, “Boring Nights”

3rd place – Ashley Godoy Espino, Park Elementary, “Rostros”

7th Grade

1st place – Elijah Medel, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle,  “Reaching From Quarantine”

2nd place – Akasha Chandra, Anthony Ochoa Middle, “Naruto”

3rd place – Jazmin Camarillo, Cesar Chavez Middle, “Friday Night…”

8th Grade

1st place –  Angela Ramos, Cesar Chavez Middle, “Goddess of Art”

2nd place – Panai Paramore, Bret Harte Middle, “Sydney Opera House”

3rd place – Francisco Ramos-Ramirez, Bret Harte Middle, “STEAM Robot”

9th Grade

1st place – Lola Medrano, Mt. Eden High School, “Balance”

2nd place – Gardner Gaitan, Tennyson High School, “The Sunrise”

3rd place – Brandon Corzo, Tennyson High School, “Fugas”

10th Grade

1st place – Geoffrey Galang, Mt. Eden High School, “Orca”

2nd place – Cynthia Gucho, Mt. Eden High School, “Fondest Memories”

3rd place – Janet Amador, Mt. Eden High School,  “Contrasted Mind”

11th Grade

1st place – Stephanie Gucho, Mt. Eden High School, “Lady Lily”

2nd place – Mayra Figueroa, Mt. Eden High School, “Corazon de Ceniza”

3rd place – Angeline Ngo, Mt. Eden High School, “Messenger”

12th Grade

1st place – Perla Ortega, Mt. Eden High School, “Broken Soul”

2nd place – Kelly Luong, Mt. Eden High School, “Chang E”

3rd place – Diana Delgadillo, Mt. Eden High School, “Brighter Darkness”


Grand Prize

GOLD – A Comme Amour (Piano Piece), Madison Nguyen, 10th grade,  Mt. Eden High School

SILVER – Pandemic Keepsake, Verma Ruchita, 10th grade, Mt. Eden High School

BRONZE – Tarentelle by Burgmuller, Amelia Sakai, 2nd grade, East Avenue Elementary


1st place –  Karicia Lopez, Burbank Elementary,  “Un Poco Loco”

2nd place -Anabelle Leon, Schafer Park, “Dancing interrupted but not forgotten in COVID”

First Grade

1st place – Amelia Sakai, East Avenue Elementary  

2nd place – Reese Romano, Fairview Elementary

3rd place – Zaal Hamidy, Ruus Elementary  

Second Grade

1st place – Gunika Krishan, Southgate Elementary, “Bollywood Dance”

2nd place – Reese Romano, Fairview Elementary, “Never Give Up” 

3rd grade 

1st place – Franchesca Ramos-Ramirez, Fairview Elementary,  “Doing Art with Coffee”

7th grade

1st place – Zachary Eiras, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle,  “Tequila – Trumpet and Ukelele Cover”

9th grade

1st place -Elijah DuMonthier, Hayward High School, “A letter to whomever needs it, a monologue”

10th grade

1st place – Alessandra Eiras, Mt. Eden High School, “Wonder of Living, my original song”

12th grade

1st place – Rosalyn Mataele, Hayward High, “Time to Kill”

2nd place -Chloe Garcia, Mt. Eden High School, “Los Laureles”

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